Our St. Anne Community is blessed with a variety of lay ministries specifically designed to provide rich opportunities for spiritual growth and development to each individual no matter where he or she resides in their spiritual journey. We recognize that one program or ministry does not fit all. Parishioners are encouraged to seek the presence of God through worship, fellowship, evangelism, pastoral care, Bible study, and/or through whatever ministerial option best fulfills their individual spiritual needs and ideals. The choices are varied, enriching, engaging, and we believe to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. We, at Saint Anne, maintain that time spent together immersed in individual endeavors that support each other is time well spent and many times, equally rewarding and important as that spent in service to the community at large.
It is due to this core belief and guiding principle that individuals form a community, in our case, a community of believers in dedication to doing God’s work on Earth  joyously, passionately and well.

Eucharistic services at Saint Anne are sustained by a host of dedicated individuals who provide both direct and indirect support. Through a wide array of service ministries, parishioners are afforded the opportunity to express individuality of style, worship preference, and fellowship alternatives at the various Eucharistic Services. We cherish our time together as we dedicate our service to the glory of God. These ministries at St. Anne include guilds of vergers, chalice bearers, acolytes, and lectors each comprised of individuals dedicated to the service provided. The Vergers Guild is one of the largest in service to an individual parish within the diocese.They not only play an active role within the Diocese of Dallas, but have also been largely responsible for assuring continuity of local customs, worship style and expectations during periods of transition when St. Anne has been serviced by supply and interim priests.

No matter the specific role, each Eucharistic Minister helps to provide an environment where worship may be celebrated with reverence, awe, and dignity while allowing for full service participation by the individual and aiding his or her quest for spiritual maturity through discovery and development of spiritual gifts