Stewardship 2020 – Rebuilding “Our House”

Connect and Participate Online!

Below please see the Intentional Giving letters that have gone out to all parishioners. Intentional Giving cards were distributed at both services on Sunday, October 18. If you didn’t get to pick it up in person (and receive a special pen!) then it was mailed to you.

After reflecting on how you want to support St. Anne, please fill out and return your intentional giving card on or before November 1.  There will be 2 options for turning in your card the weekend of Oct 31/Nov 1

  • On Saturday, October 31, between 2 pm and 4 pm you can drive by the church and turn in your card. You will be given a special Thank You treat!
  • On Sunday, November 1, you can turn in your card at either service and you will receive a special Thank You treat!

Intentional giving to Saint Anne is much more than paying bills. Our giving is a reflection of what we believe about stewardship. To be a good steward means understanding that all we have, our time, talent, and treasure is a gracious gift from God. God has entrusted these things to us so that we may partner with Him in building up and caring for “Our House.”

St. Anne Episcopal Church Stewardship 2020 Brochure

Testimonials from Parishioners on Stewardship

Testimonial – Mary Perkins

Testimonial – Tony Bergerson

Testimonial – Keeley Chorn

Letters Mailed to Parishioners

Stewardship 2020 Week 1

Stewardship 2020 Week 2