Welcome to St. Anne!

st. anne is a liturgical church

This means our worship services follow a specific pattern or order. The Book of Common Prayer contains several variations of the Episcopal liturgy. It contains readings and services for special occasions such as weddings, certain times of the Christian year and specific types of regular weekly services. The Book of Common Prayer is consistent within each country, and sometimes shared among Episcopalians in countries around the world.

We follow a Christian Calendar so throughout the church year, the Episcopal worship service changes, based on the Christian season we are celebrating.   A service during Lent will be different than one during the Advent season, for example. Appropriate Bible readings make up the liturgy, based on the calendar.

Sunday worship services have a full liturgical worship experience with songs, readings, recitations, prayers and a sermon. Even so, the centerpiece of an Episcopal service is the Eucharist. Any baptized Christian, Episcopal or not, may take part in the Eucharist.

Where We Worship

The Sanctuary is where we worship and is considered sacred. Most parishioners maintain an attitude of reverence and worship. Fellowship and other non-worship events take place outside the sanctuary.

Traditional Services

Traditional Episcopal worship is organized, well-defined and full of ritual. While some specifics of the traditional Episcopal worship service will vary from one church to the next, the essential format is the same. Episcopal worship includes several components, including scripture readings, prayer, songs, the Eucharist and a homily or sermon.


The Taizé (pronounced Teh-ZAY) Community is a monastic order in Taizé, France. The order has a strong devotion to peace and justice through prayer and meditation.

Healing Service

Whether you are a visitor or a parishioner—you are welcomed to the Healing Service with Holy Communion in the All Saints Chapel each Wednesday at 7:00 pm. This peaceful service provides spiritual nourishment with the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. The major emphasis is healing of mind, body, and spirt through prayers for healing, and anointing with holy oil.