Rev. David Miller

Fr. David Miller, since his ordination to the Priesthood in

Rev. George Udell


Sandi Polewski

Sandi Polewski has studied and performed music all of her

Dianne Hawkins

Over the course of more than thirty years as a


Angie Hudson

Melanie Killian

Melanie is a charter member of the Parish of Saint

Becky Slate

Becky grew up in Knoxville, TN and moved to Dallas


    Vestry Members:

    Angie Hudson- Senior Warden
    Steve Shattuck – Junior Warden
    Melanie Killian – Treasurer
    Dawn Bergerson, Pat Brown, Martha Gray, Shivonne Niemi, Don Perkins, Becky Slate

    Children’s Ministry Leader:

    Mary Perkins.