Fr. Harris has now been at Saint Anne as her

Rev. George Udell


Kristen Avery

Kristen Avery started in music at an early age. She

Sandi Polewski

Sandi Polewski has studied and performed music all of her

Bradley Wasko

Dianne Hawkins

Over the course of more than thirty years as a


Angie Hudson

Margaret Geiger

Melanie Killian

Melanie is a charter member of the Parish of Saint

Becky Slate

Becky grew up in Knoxville, TN and moved to Dallas


Bob Elliott

Bob is Senior Warden for 2018 and a Convention delegate.

Carolyn Wasko


    Children’s Ministry Leaders:

    Dawn Bergerson and Betsy Simnacher, with help from Tony Bergerson, Ann Barrick, Mary Perkins.