Childcare Center Fee Schedule

In addition to the weekly/daily fees shown below, a one-time fee of $75 will be due if your child is accepted into the program, and you decide to enroll him/her. This fee is not refundable, nor applicable to future balances.

Infants 3–11 months:

Monday – Friday: $150/week
Mon / Wed / Fri: $100/week
Tues / Thurs: $75/week

Toddlers 12–35 months:

Monday – Friday: $140/week
Mon / Wed / Fri: $90/week
Tues / Thurs: $65/week

3–4 year old:

Monday – Friday: $130/week
Mon / Wed / Fri: $80/week
Tues / Thurs: $55/week

Summer Fee schedule current as of May 15, 2017.